Embroidery Emporium was established in 2009 by Victoria Barnett.

I have been cross stitching for many years, since being taught how to sew as child. I love being creative and always find myself sewing. On my website you will find a large variety of the cross stitched projects I have made, including cards for any occasion and many larger pieces, as well as items crafted from felt and paper.

Over the past few years I have become involved with historical interpretation – in particular the Tudor period. I re-create historical embroidery such as Blackwork for use on costumes. I try to make all my embroidery as historically accurate as possible, using the most authentic materials and patterns, and completing all sewing by hand. Blackwork is by far my favourite form of embroidery, and as well as thoroughly enjoying the sewing part, I love all the researching side of historical embroidery.

I am available to give embroidery demonstrations at historical events, for which I have the appropriate costume. Get in touch if you would like me to appear at one of your events!

I will happily take on commission work. I have a large pattern library and also draw out and create patterns of my own. Please send me an email if you have ideas you would like to discuss.

Check out my blog for updates on my current works in progress, the gallery for examples of my work, and the shop for items currently available to order.

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"Embroidery Emporium has now provided me with several items for various historical interpretations, from Tudor through to Victorian. As a professional interpreter, accuracy is very important to me and Vicki's dedication to research ensured that the items enhance my outfits and can withstand up close investigation. The work is beautifully executed and a pleasure to wear. It is always commented upon and, in an age of machines, I am proud to be able to say that they were completed entirely by hand despite their intricate detail." Kindra Jones – KITHE